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    Link Building


    One good link is worth many times more than tons of low quality links. DA alone is not always a sign of quality. The links we create are from websites with REAL organic visitors. That is the big difference to many others.

    What is a high quality link?

    1. In-Content Link
    2. Industry Related Article
    3. High Domain Authority (DA)
    4. REAL Organic Monthly Traffic

    NOT from forum profiles, social bookmarks, blog comments, deindexed websites, guestbooks, trackbacks or similar link types, which are created in hundreds in a short time.

    How does it work?

    1. You provide the link and link text.
    2. I will reach out to websites to discuss available and suitable opportunities.
    3. Then I will create a 500+ word article related to your industry. The link will look like a natural recommendation.

    How many links will you get?

    • Basic: 1 Link from a site with DA 30-45 / 1000+ Organic Mon. Traffic
    • Standard: 1 Link from a site with DA 46-59 / 2500+ Organic Mon. Traffic
    • Premium: 1 Link from a site with DA 60-75 / 5000+ Organic Mon. Traffic